Workers’ Compensation

workers comp


Accidents that occur in the workplace come with a lot of confusion. Not only are you suffering physically and emotionally from the accident, but you are also probably stuck wondering about the future of your job and what this means for your regular income.


  • Am I eligible for worker’s compensation?
  • How much will I get and when?
  • What happens if my claim is denied?
  • What if I cannot work again?

All of these questions are valid and you deserve clear cut and direct answers. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job front, then contact a Northern Minnesota personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Getting the answers to these questions is of utmost importance and can ensure that you are moving forward correctly with your claim and your recovery.


If you are injured in the workplace then you are entitled to worker’s compensation. This is something that all employers across Minnesota must provide for their employees and will protect both the company and the individual in the event of a serious accident, injury or death. Worker’s compensation can pay for:

  • A portion of your lost wages up to a certain period of time
  • Some medical bills
  • Surgeries and rehabilitative expenses
  • Occupational therapy if you are unable to return to your regular position

Every single case is different which is why it is often hard to know exactly what you are entitled to. You may be out of work for a month with a sore back or you may be out of work for three years after a serious truck accident. You may need special care and assistance for the rest of your life or you may be able to return to the job in a couple of weeks. While you may have reviewed the terms and conditions of worker’s compensation when you were first hired, this is probably an ancient memory now and you may be left wondering what happens next.


Worker’s compensation requires injured parties to fill out a claim before they receive any benefits. They will also need to see a special doctor approved by the worker’s compensation company. Unfortunately, worker’s compensation claims are confusing and many claims will be denied. In other instances, you may not be offered what you are entitled to and you will experience out of pocket expenses due to this injury. You are already suffering enough physically and emotionally without having to add the burden of financial pressure on as well.

Our law firm focuses on the end result – ensuring that you get what you deserve. Whether you have been injured in the office, at a construction site, at the workshop, on the road or anywhere else, you can expect our International Falls workers compensation lawyer to fight on your behalf.


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