Estate Planning & Probate



Knowing that your will and estate are in place can be a reassuring thing at any stage of your life. You can save your loved ones a lot of hassle and headache by doing a little bit of planning ahead and speaking to a Northern Minnesota estate planning lawyer as soon as possible. Estate planning is not just for the mega millionaires and property investment gurus. Every little thing counts including what assets, debts and investments you have. Estate planning is the process of going through your estate and determining who gets what in the time of your passing.


Dealing with the division of your assets does not have to end in a family argument. We can help you put into place your estate including:

  • Wills and trust
  • Division of estates
  • Probates

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough without worrying about that gets what. And, unfortunately the law does not leave room for grieving when it comes to matters of the estate. You can help your family cope with your passing by establishing a will, trust and managing your estate ahead of time. Don’t put it off any longer. A free initial consultation will help you see your choices and ensure that the future of your family is protected after you have gone.


One of the services we offer is wills and trust establishments which allow you to decide where your money goes after you pass. If you have children and grandchildren then you will want to leave something to them. By establishing a will and trust now you are ensuring that you have a say as to where your money goes. Furthermore, you are ensuring that your family is not stuck with several legal expenses and potential court fees by letting the court decide where your money goes.


If there is not a will in place or if there are disputes with the will, then your family may be faced with an argument. At ShermoenJaksa Law we also provide probate mediation to help you resolve your conflicts without succumbing to an expensive trial. This is a much more personal and affordable way to decide what happens within your family and ensure the best outcome for everyone affected.


Our International Falls estate planning lawyer understands that every single family is different. It is important that you are getting the final say in how your hard earned money is divided. We can sit down and discuss your options and offer easy to follow instructions of making a will and establishing a trust.  There are simple solutions to planning your estate and maintaining a will that are quite reasonably priced. We offer affordable legal assistance as well as a free initial consultation where we can discuss your best options and how to move forward with your estate planning. Contact our team in International Falls, MN office at (218) 283-4494 for a free initial consultation.