Brain & Spinal Cord Injury



Injuries to your brain and spinal cord are often so severe that your entire life will be flipped outside down. Simple tasks such as riding a bike, reading a book, kissing your kids goodnight and enjoying a glass of wine may never be possible again. You could be faced with permanent disability, severe brain damage or paralysis. If you or your loved one has suffered a serious injury to the brain or spinal cord after any type of accident, then contact our team at ShermoenJaksa Law.


A traumatic brain injury often results after a serious blow to the head. This could result after a slip and fall accident, in a vehicle accident or in the event of a workplace accident.  Dealing with a traumatic brain injury can be frustrating for everyone. You may feel like your loved one is simply not there anymore and it can be hard to understand how or why this has happened and if it will ever get better. The good news is that there is always hope for recovery and that the circumstances may change. The bad news, however, is that traumatic brain injuries are often accompanied by unexpected costs including specialized equipment, medical treatments and a loss of income.

Our law firm is committed to ensuring that you and your family are compensated adequately for your pain and suffering after this serious accident. We handle all types of injuries to the brain including skull fractures, cerebral anoxia, subdural hematoma and concussions.


Spinal injuries are another common injury we see at ShermoenJaksa Law and are often the result of a workplace accident, a road accident or a sports accident. Some spinal injuries will be acute while others will come with chronic pain. Some spinal injuries can be cured with enough rehabilitation and time while others will result in permanent disability and paralysis. This is a devastating thought for you and your entire family but there is help available.

Spinal cord injuries affect the spinal cord or the area around it.  Herniated discs and soft tissue injuries can result in serious pain while burst fractures and spinal stenosis can result in permanent disability. Many people impacted by a blow to the spinal cord will be in a wheelchair and require constant assistance with regular daily activities. Others may be able to walk again but may not be able to work or do the things they enjoyed before the accident.  Whatever the case, you may be entitled to financial compensation either through an insurance agency or through a personal injury lawsuit.


Let our team of qualified personal injury lawyers take it from here. We can assess your case and determined if you are getting everything you are entitled to. If not, we will fight on your behalf to ensure that you and your family are taken care of after any brain or spinal cord injury. Contact our team in International Falls, MN office at (218) 283-4494 or Duluth, MN office (218) 625-2270 for a free initial consultation.