Trusted Representation For The Northland For Over 40 Years

Integrity — that is what ShermoenJaksa Law embodies. You deserve honest, candid, and empathetic representation. You also deserve aggressive and bold protection of your rights. Those are what we believe in as trial lawyers. We also believe the most important relationship in this process is the one with you. When you need to hire an attorney, it is critical that you actually like them. Call us, meet with us.  Our attorneys are approachable and down to earth. We think you will agree and want you to know that we are here for you. We believe it is important that you have an attorney who is from the Northland and who understands Northern Minnesota.

We are primarily a litigation firm and are not afraid to try a case to a judge or jury. That is important because most cases settle without a trial. But the best settlements are obtained when the other side knows you are willing to try the case. We have the staff and resources ready to help you now.  We grew up in Northern Minnesota and have worked here our entire lives. You need to be confident that your attorney understands your issues completely and can communicate that effectively to the other side; and if required, to a judge or jury.  From International Falls to Grand Rapids and Duluth, we are able to effectively and efficiently advocate for your rights. If serious injury or loss of a loved one hits your family, you need to focus on those things as they are most important.  Let ShermoenJaksa Law handle the legal aspects so you can work on putting things back together. Call or contact us for a free, confidential review of your case.